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For a limited time, we are offering Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen Vacation Coupons.

Now it is time to invest in your well needed vacation. Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen is offering vacation coupons. We are selling $125 vacation coupons for the price of $100. That is $25 of free vacation money. Buy up to 5 coupons and you will receive $125 of free vacation money.

Coupons are 100% refundable.

Here is how it works. No reservation needed. Simply purchase up to 5 coupons below. When you are ready to book your reservation, each coupon up to five can be applied as payment. Each coupon is worth $125. The coupons are valid for any reservation from June 1, 2020- December 15, 2020. If you do not use the coupon, your original $100 per coupon will be refunded.

Restrictions: Only five coupons can be applied for one reservation. Coupons can be used for any reservation booked directly with Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen for the properties of El Taj, Maya Villa, Porto Playa, Villas Sacbe and Magia Beachside.
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All Coupon Purchases are 100% refundable!

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